Gender Specific Programs
Seed Sowing Sister offers gender specific programs to children 12 and up as an out of school time supplement. Groups will be offered twice per week (for each gender) over a 6 week implementation. Participant workbooks and activity sheets will be used to affirm program activites and give participants an opportunity to reflect back on skills attained.

Group Workshops
Individual presentations/ workshops will be offered assembly style to groups, focusing on character development and positive behavior patterns. These 55 minute presentations will energize students and reignite their internal motivation and drive to achieve. At- risk and neglected students need support and uplifting to continue persevering through life circumstances. At-risk students often identify with the troubles they have faced and need opportunities to be celebrated for accomplishments and changes made no matter how small the improvement. 

Girls Program
(w/ Identity Workbook) F.L.A.G

​is a self help curriculum created to help girls discover how to articulate their needs through healthy communication and self-expression. Allowing girls to voice their opinions in a safe environment motivates and strengthens their willingness to be heard. F.L.A.G offers tactical strategies for effective communication along with the development and practice of using strong vocabulary that will help participants to express their feelings and emotions in situations that otherwise could cause them to become aggressive and possibly violent. F.L.A.G will enable theses girls to realistically cope with situations by helping them develop from the inside to produce real and lasting change on the outside. Self-esteem, self-respect, self– discipline, self– confidence, self-worth and self-value are all positive attributes that each participant needs to complete the journey.

 Boys Program
​H2E ( HE too has thoughts, emotions, and opinions) is mentoring program designed to increase social competency and positive values in boys. HE2 will focus on conflict resolution, peer pressure, cultural, racial, and ethnic differences. HE2 will challenge participants to think outside of the negative and limited mind-set. Each participant will be given tools necessary to step out of the shadow of uncertainty and identify who he is and what he believes. Participants will think strategically and carefully about their actions, behavior, and attitudes in hopes of understanding that; “The price of greatness is responsibility”.

Programs & Services: