Mother, Author, Speaker, Faciliator  & CEO of  one of the fastest growing Entrepreneurial Coaching Businesses in the state of Florida. SeedSowingSister & Co. purpose is to empower, inform and educate individuals pursuing their purpose of entrepreneurship.

Angelica's backgroud of growing up in poverty, positioned her for opportunities she could never have dreamed of. From her travels of speaking to help others better understand poverty, lead to contracts with JWB (Juvenile Welfare Board, Hillsborough County Schools, Big Brother Big Sisters, Child Care Coordinated Services in Pinellas County,  the YMCA , AMI KIDS and many more.

Today Angelica has trained over 100 agencies & organizations and well over 1500 social service employers & employees. She is dedicated to helping others and making a positive difference in impoverished communities. She is the creator of SchoolinLife-Inspirational  & SchoolinLife -LIVE

You can catch them both every Sunday; SchoolinLife Inspirational on FB LIVE  every Sunday @3:30pm & Tune-In to SchoolinLife LIVE w/SeedSowingSister every Sunday @6pm on 106.1fm & 1340am"The Heat".