Do you know your WORTH

Are you afraid to charge what you're WORTH?

Have you considered starting a business or selling a product  and stopped  because you believed no one would support you?

Today, there is a lot of FAKE success circulating in the entrepreneurial world. I would like to put an end to exchanging time for money and pretending to be successful. "Pay Her What She's Worth" is a community of talented, smart, driven, ambitious young ladies with one thing in common..."Becoming Successful".

P.H.W.S.W will prove that success can come at any age, and that age is only a number. Entrepreneurship has been blossoming over the last decade. And women are leading the pack. People are excited about the possibilities of success and financial freedom. P.H.W.S.W will help to sharpen participants knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to walk it out. 

One of the most common mistakes made by young innovators is that they walk away from their dream of becoming an entrepreneur, mainly because they are afraid or because many of them do not have the support to move forward. P.H.W.S.W promises to encourage, support, educate and motivate each participants to go after their personal "GREATNESS". 

If you're interested in becoming a member of our community, it would be OUR pleasure to have you!

All participants must be between the ages of 16-24.

Our Monthly Membership Fee: $25