Succession Strategy Solutions is dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs through the never ending journey of entrepreneurship. With almost two decades of entrepreneurial experience, no one is more excited about the advance worldwide web opportunity to connect more than me. I look forward to pouring years and years of knowledge and experience into individuals who are serious about succeeding. 

I am a hundred percent dedicated to providing useful tools, tips and strategies to those who need it most. Live trainings offer the opportunity to for me to connect authentically with my live participants, while promoting an interactive --hands on experience for all parties.

Live trainings allow me to reach and engage at the level of the learner. I am a strong believer that it is important to meet people where they are. Live trainings grant me the opportunity to do just that. I supply a ton of written content, but nothing is more exciting an effective as attending LIVE trainings.

Please review the calendar for upcoming LIVE TRAININGS for the month of June! 

FREE live trainings will have the word "Free" written on the calendar, and PAID trainings will have the word "Paid" written next to the event date and time.

Note: The replay will be available if for some reason you are unable to attend.

I'll see you soon! 

-CEO Coach