Stop Trading Your Time For Money

I know what it’s like to make a difference, but yet feel like you’re not doing enough...That was me five years ago! I started a community education program near the housing projects I grew up in, but yet something was still missing. 

I sat at large tables with big names within the community and I was recognized as a young woman “making a difference”, but I didn’t feel like I really was. Most of my work was benevolence, or I was exchanging my time for money. 

I loved the work, but the pay wasn’t cutting it. And that was NOT the entrepreneurial life I signed up for so I knew I had to make some major mental changes ASAP!

Here’s what I discovered: 

1. Income vs Impact: You can do both and have both! I use to think it was one or the other. 

2. Eliminate Confusion: I had to narrow down exactly why I felt the way I did and begin eliminating what no longer worked.

3. Master My Skills: I was dedicated to self-educating myself. I knew the more I learned the more I could earn. People are attracted to knowledgable ppl & wisdom. 

4. Decide On My Delivery: What would I offer and how would I package it...

5. Provide Freedom: I needed to identify what freedom meant to me before I could offer it to my clients. Results are only found in freedom and flexibility. 

If you’re deeply searching for your next move and opportunity—Join me for the next 6 months of the year! 

There is no reason to go at it alone! I made all the mistakes, so that you won’t have to.
If you’re ready to make impact and change lives in the process—I’m here to assist you.